Rally Engineering Inc. Privacy Policy

Your personal information is collected, used and disclosed by Rally in accordance with this privacy policy, its other privacy policies from time to time, and as permitted by law.

We commit to collecting and using your personal information only in order to assess your suitability for a contract or employment placement with us, and to ensure the best match for your goals, education, experience and skills. We may also use your personal information to assist us to assess and improve our recruitment techniques and internal training and statistics.

We will not disclose your personal information to any third party without your prior consent, although we do intend to seek personal information as may be reasonable from external sources. This may include your references and prior employers. We will not sell, lease or trade your personal information.

We will use your contact information to be in touch with you, and also to forward general, and potentially unsolicited information such as job postings, industry trends, and Rally initiatives. Your personal information will be retained in our records in accordance with our data retention policies unless you request, and we agree in writing, otherwise.

We use and regularly update encryption technologies to industry standard when receiving and transferring data. We train our staff regularly on the importance of privacy and security.

While we have made, and will continue to make, every reasonable effort to secure our website, our data, and the information we receive, we disclaim responsibility for the loss or disclosure of your personal information (including direct, indirect, economic, reputational or physical loss or damage of any kind, or costs) arising from any unauthorized disclosure of your personal information initiated by a third party or parties, including, for example, by reason of third party theft or download of data, or unauthorized access to our systems, electronic or paper records, or our website.

We reserve the right to update our privacy policies and terms of use from time to time, but in no event to be less comprehensive than the terms set forth herein.

By responding to our postings, and forwarding your personal information to us, you are agreeing to these terms