Project Overview

Following modifications to the air foil and sheet handling systems located around the Yankee Roll of their Tissue Machine No. 2 (TM2), Rally’s client realized the existing catwalk used to travel from one side of the machine to the other would no longer be functional.

Access Platform and Blade Holder main Access Platform and Blade Holder first Access Platform and Blade Holder second

Platform and Blade Holder

Rally was approached to provide engineering services to design a new access platform to replace the existing. Rally worked with the client’s operations team to optimize the layout and provide the best possible access to complete daily inspections of the Yankee surface and change-out of the Doctor Blades. Rally also designed a new blade holder, which could house both the replacement and old blades during change-out. The holder was designed with casters, so it could be rolled and stored to keep the access aisle along TM2 clear during normal operation.

Scope of Work

Rally’s detailed scope of work for this project included:

  • Process laser scan obtained by client and complete all necessary field measurements.
  • Prepare preliminary model for review with client’s operation team.
  • Optimize layout based on client’s feedback.
  • Prepare construction drawings for new platform and blade holder.

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