Project Overview

The client was in the process of replacing a hydrogen compressor, and a third-party had been hired to provide turnkey replacement for the existing unit and a laser scan of the work area. Rally Engineering Inc. (Rally) was requested to provide technical assistance in reviewing the models created by the third-party company and to provide support on the integration of the installation.

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Scope of Work

​Rally has extensive experience utilizing laser scans for a variety of clients. Rally used laser scans on numerous occasions with this client and was very familiar with both the software and the facility. We reviewed the third-party’s compressor skid model against laser scanned information addressing clash issues with existing equipment, piping, structure, and ducting.


Using the laser scans as a guide, Rally completed the following:

  • A tie point location plan for various tie points.
  • Piping demolition construction work package (CWP).
  • Relocation plan for the unit heater.
  • Relocation of instrumentation along a south wall.
  • CWP for rotation of gas inlet valve and structural foundation for scrubbers.
  • Concrete demolition specification for the foundation.

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