Project Overview

The Client noted via pigging inspection that the convection section tubes in their fractionator charge heater were thinning and nearing the end of their useful service life. The overhead flue gas ducting was also deteriorating to the point where its structural integrity was coming into question. The corrosion was mainly attributed to a permanent switch to higher-sulphur fuel gas in the radiant sections of the heater. Complete replacement of the convection section and overhead ducting was recommended during the next possible heater shutdown. The Client engaged Rally to provide the expedited engineering services needed for this work.

Convection Section Replacement (Detail) main Convection Section Replacement (Detail) first Convection Section Replacement (Detail) second

Scope Definition

Rally worked with the Client’s preferred heater vendor to run various process simulations of the convection tube bundle. This revealed that the new bundle could be furnished with thicker tubes for longer life without adversely affecting pressure drop or heat transfer.
Rally also developed a construction schedule and a capital cost estimate (CAPEX) during initial scoping. This helped the Client’s project team secure full project authorization.

Detailed Deliverables

Material requisitions (MRs) were issued for the new convection section, flue gas duct, and tube-skin thermocouples. Rally closely managed the convection section vendor to ensure that new equipment arrived on site fully inspected and in time for the heater outage.
Construction work packages (CWPs) were produced for the demolition of the existing convection section and ducting, the erection of the replacement equipment, and for the installation of new tube-skin thermocouples.
All project activities – from kick-off to commissioning of equipment – were completed in 10 months, meeting the Client’s accelerated schedule.

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