Project Overview

Four (4) rows of tubes in the Fractionator Charge Heater Convection Bundle were replaced due to thinning. During the associated outage, inspection was conducted on the remaining tubes and replacement of several additional rows is required. A complete replacement in kind of the entire convection section was recommended. A special outage is anticipated for the replacement of the convection section and associated ducting.

Convection Section Replacement (Detail) main Convection Section Replacement (Detail) first Convection Section Replacement (Detail) second

Performance Simulations

Rally worked with a vendor and the Client to complete furnace performance simulations, prior to developing a material requisition.
Rally provided a Level 3 Construction Schedule, to capture construction activities during initial scoping. This schedule was used as a basis for the CAPEX estimate.

Successful Project Management

  • Rally managed the convection section vendor to ensure that the convection arrived on site in time for the planned turnaround.
  • All project activities from kick off to commissioning of equipment were completed in 10 months.
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