Project Overview

Rally was engaged to help with the planning and engineering for repairs of the conveyor gallery. A DBM was undertaken to evaluate three options for repair of the gallery. A risk analysis on each option’s TIC estimate was completed to address the potential cost variability of each option, with the final decision being to replace in kind.

Conveyor Replacement main Conveyor Replacement first Conveyor Replacement second

Scope of Work

  • DBM phase and capital cost estimate
  • Detailed engineering with modular construction for all civil structural components
  • Fabrication / construction support, including quality control
  • Construction / turnaround planning

Maximizing Offsite Construction

Removal of the existing gallery and structure was planned in a two-week outage. Design and execution of the work was planned accordingly to maximize offsite modular construction to shorten the overall project delay.
As per the client’s preference the structure was designed to be corrosion resistant with all new materials being 304L stainless steel, FRP grating and cladding.
Construction work packages were prepared for all aspects of the civil structural scope including piling, demolition, module fabrication and assembly and turnaround scope of work.
Rally provided onsite construction support and QA/QC services.

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