Project Overview

The Client wished to explore alternate procurement strategies to achieve independence from a single supplier for their custody transfer measurement systems. This measurement system included the following components:
- Skid mounted meter systems (Coriolis and PD type)
- Skid mounted bi-directional meter prover system
- Quality Management building and sampling system
- Measurement control system (control panel)

Custody Transfer Measurement System main Custody Transfer Measurement System first Custody Transfer Measurement System second

Alternate Procurement Strategy

To facilitate the Client’s requirements, Rally developed multi-discipline Material Requisitions, Scope of Work, and Request for Proposal documents for each of the packages noted above. This included the evaluation and incorporation of enhancements captured by the client as lessons learned and changes that had occurred during construction, commissioning and as-building stages. The package, including preliminary drawings, datasheets and modelling, would ensure any vendor could build the skid(s) to the Client’s specifications and that each component could be integrated to form one complete system.

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