Project Overview

The project scope included replacement and upgrading of the final product diesel pumping system at the Client’s facility. Existing piping was replaced, and new interconnecting piping was added, to improve operational flexibility. This debottlenecked the intermediate and final product tank areas as well as the transfer piping systems.

Portions of the existing diesel transfer pump system were upgraded; other parts were replaced altogether. Permanent fuel additive systems were upgraded with new pumping and metering systems, and new rail and truck unloading systems were added for bulk storage.

Diesel Blend and Rail And Truck Unloading Facility main

Scope Of Work

The installation of new equipment and piping required upgrades to other infrastructure, including new pipe racks, equipment foundations, multiple road-crossing bridges, electrical systems, and the implementation of new programmable logic controller (PLC) based control systems.


Rally provided multi-discipline engineering services for both scoping study and detailed engineering phases. All field work was completed in a live facility, requiring special attention to tie ins and other considerations to minimize the impact on facility operations.

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