Project Overview

Rally engineered and designed an unloading, storage, and injection facility for four (4) diesel chemical additives. It included a truck unloading facility with three (3) pumps, and a rail unloading facility with a single pump.

Diesel Chemical Additive Facility main Diesel Chemical Additive Facility first Diesel Chemical Additive Facility second

Additive Storage

Additive storage consisted of three (3) double wall tanks (2x120,000 L and 1x200,000 L), and a stacked tote system. The additives are injected into an existing 12” diesel line adjacent to the facility via four (4) injection pumps which have three (3) installed spares. The two (2) 120,000 L tanks required internal heating coils supplied with a glycol heating medium. The glycol is circulated and heated by a skid mounted pump and steam heat exchanger.

Facility Building

A 16’x36’ facility building houses an operator’s desk and PPE storage, integral safety shower, electrical / instrumentation panels and equipment, as well as a fire water deluge system header and associated valving, instrumentation, and controls. Facility infrastructure included a 230’ long, 3-level pipe rack, stairways and walkways to tank access platforms, rail unloading access walkways and platforms, and an underground pipe vault road crossing. Cable trays were routed throughout the facilities providing both power and communication cables to/from equipment and instruments.

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