Project Overview

The naphtha export pump at a Client’s facility was scheduled for replacement. Naphtha shipment was hydraulically limited to 15,000 barrels per day by the sizes of the existing pump and piping. The Client decided to partially debottleneck the system by increasing the size of the naphtha export line until a new, larger pump could be procured and installed. Rally provided the engineering and design services for the new piping.

Discharge Piping Upgrade main

Scope Definition

Rally worked closely with the Client’s operations and maintenance teams to secure alignment on the project execution plan. The Client only had enough tank capacity to maintain normal operations for 72 hours – this meant the naphtha piping tie-ins would need be made during a very quick outage. Rally designed the new piping so that 80% of it could be pre-installed while the pump was still in operation. The final piping tie-ins were made during a brief 24-hour pump outage.

Detailed Deliverables

Rally delivered a construction work package (CWP) which detailed the required piping demolition and new construction scope. Engineering was successfully delivered in time to meet an aggressive project schedule.

Rally also participated in the Client’s pre-start-up safety review (PSSR). This included a walk-down of the newly installed piping, ensuring full compliance with the engineered drawings.

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