Project Overview

The objective of this project was to complete detailed engineering for the installation of a 350gpm water distillation plant to treat pond water for use within the existing site utilities plant. The distillation plant combined new condensers and liquid ring vacuum pumps with existing evaporators and tankage. The project included extensive brownfield engineering utilizing existing on site out of service equipment and building infrastructure to reduce capital cost. Laser scans and 3D modelling were used extensively in the engineering and construction execution of the scope.

Distillation of Pond Water main Distillation of Pond Water first Distillation of Pond Water second

Scope of Work

Rally Engineering Inc. (Rally) was asked to produce multi-discipline detailed engineering for the 350gpm distillation plant. Scope included all required equipment and infrastructure for installation of new condensers inside an existing partially operating plant utilizing existing evaporators and tanks. Scope also included modifications to an existing tank and pumphouse for use as a product water surge tank, piping and structural additions to existing interconnecting racks, and the addition of a control set and piping tie ins in the existing utilities plant.


The project deliverables included early demolition packages for removal of existing equipment and structure from the out of service plant. Material requisition (MR) development and vendor coordination for new surface condensers and liquid ring vacuum pumps, distillate and product water pumps, motor control centers (MCCs), and field instruments. Detailed engineering packages included brownfield engineering in support of all disciplines including process, piping / mechanical, structural, electrical, and instrumentation.

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