Project Overview

Rally provided multi-discipline engineering support to an existing petrochemical facility located in Sarnia, Ontario. To date, Rally has completed front end engineering studies and detailed engineering packages to support the sites Engineering and Maintenance departments.

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Various Projects

First Effects Evaporator Relief Header
Development of a mechanical construction work package (CWP) for the extension of the existing relief header system. Rally designed a new piping system to direct the vapor relief line to the distillation containment area due to ongoing HSE concerns.

Tank Farm Piping Stress Analysis
Rally performed a review of existing tank farm piping and completed a computer analysis of the system to determine pipe stresses. The system was experiencing a lot of support movement, high stress areas, and some system leakage. Rally issued a formal stress analysis report and recommendations for remediation.

Area Classification Review
Rally provided a detailed review of the Client’s existing area classification to see what changes could be made to allow general purpose electrical equipment in one of the operating areas of the facility.

Storage Tank Remote Operated Isolation Valve Installation
Rally provided a detailed engineering services and generated a construction work package for the installation of new remote operated isolation valves that allow for safe remote operation via the existing Plant DCS system.

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