Project Overview

Rally’s Client receives ethyl acetate which is unloaded from tanker trucks and stored in an underground storage tank. Ethyl acetate was manually pumped into drums and carted through the plant to the mixing room where it was then injected into ink mixing tanks. The Client was considering relocating the storage tank to a location that was closer to the new mixing room area.

Ethyl Acetate Transfer main

Detail Engineering

Rally evaluated various options and recommended that the existing storage tank infrastructure be re-used with new piping to be installed between the storage tank and mixing room area. With the new piping system installed, the Client was able to eliminate the manual handling of ethyl acetate which reduced labor requirements and spill risks. The piping system was installed at considerably less cost than a new storage tank.

Scope of Work

1. Process / Mechanical: Evaluation of existing transfer pump capacity and completion of process safeguarding review.

2. Piping: Design of new ethyl acetate transfer piping from existing transfer pump, through warehouse area, to mixing room area.

3. Electrical: Cable tray routing and cabling design for connection of new process instruments and field devices to existing PLC system.

4. I&C: Specification and selection of new process instruments (shut-off valve, temperature gauge, flow and pressure switches). PLC and HMI programming of new ethyl acetate transfer system.

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