Project Overview

The Client planned to replace their exchanger with a new design. The cooling water system needed to be redesigned to accommodate the new system.

Exchanger Replacement main Exchanger Replacement first Exchanger Replacement second

Scope of Work

Rally provided detailed engineering design of piping, piping stress, and floor penetration requirements for a new vessel. Rally reviewed the new vessel weight and potential support from the floor in combination with the vessel below.


  • Completed stress analysis on new piping and tie-in locations (cooling water lines).
  • Designed spring supports for the cooling water lines.
  • Reviewed and stamped piping isometrics.
  • Completed 3D model (exchanger and relevant piping) for the purposes of generating isometric drawings.
  • Completed annotated picture / model shots to assist the contractors in understanding the scope for demolition and construction.
  • Completed calculations, provided CWP with a drawing to complete the new floor penetration for the new exchanger vessel.
  • Aided the Client to revise the design to raise the vessel 8 ft. to better accommodate tie-ins.

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