Project Overview

The tip of the main flare at a Client’s refinery had reached the end of its useful service life. Rally provided multi-discipline engineering and design services for the flare tip replacement project. The scope included the demolition of the existing 42-inch flare tip and the engineered lift of a new one pre-dressed with a platform, ladder, piping, and instrumentation. The project also made upgrades to the flare controls and the natural gas, steam, and oily water drain systems. All final tie-in work was executed within a 14-day turnaround outage.

Flare Tip Replacement main Flare Tip Replacement first Flare Tip Replacement second

Procurement Support

Rally worked closely with the preferred vendor to procure a new flare tip that met all of the Client’s technical specifications. Prior to turnaround, the new flare tip was 3D laser scanned at grade and the existing flare tip was scanned from a helicopter. This allowed Rally to cross-check the measurements, ensuring that the new flare tip would integrate seamlessly with the existing stack.
Rally also procured a new steam control valve, orifice plates, and various flow, pressure, and temperature instruments.

Construction Activities

Rally produced construction work packages (CWPs) for the mechanical, piping, electrical, and instrumentation field work. The packages detailed how to demolish the existing flare tip, install the new tip, revamp the piping, electrically heat trace the drain system, install new instruments, and connect to the new flame front generator control panel.
Pre-turnaround and turnaround activities were managed via a Level 5 schedule / workface plan. Rally personnel were on-site to support the turnaround work. All construction activities were executed as per the schedule, with no fit-up issues. The upgraded flare was ready to restart before the end of the 14-day turnaround window.

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