Project Overview

An extensive network of underground gasoline lines was decommissioned and reconstructed above grade to improve inspection access and operational flexibility. Concurrently, gasoline pump capacity was debottlenecked and premium gasoline blending capabilities were greatly improved.

Gasoline Blending System Replacement main Gasoline Blending System Replacement first Gasoline Blending System Replacement second

Scope of Work

New suction piping was constructed above grade to several existing gasoline production tanks. Two new high-capacity, low-NPSH gasoline pumps were installed to transfer gasoline across the plant site from the production tanks on a combination of new and existing pipe racks. New gasoline, iso-octane, and butane distribution piping was constructed above grade to several gasoline sales tanks. Related upgrades were made to the existing site electrical and controls systems.


Process: IFC P&IDs, LDT, process design criteria, operating philosophy, HAZOP report, updated block flow diagrams, simplified flow diagrams.

Mechanical: New API 610 pump data sheets and material requisition (MR), bid evaluation, and post-award support. New static mixer data sheet, MR, and vendor document reviews. Produced four CWPs for piping demolition, piping construction, and pump installation. Piping and tank stress analysis services used a mix of software and manual analytical techniques. Registered changes to expansible fluid piping systems with TSASK.

Piping: 3D piping and pump layout models. Produced construction and demolition piping isometric drawings, tie point lists, and other drawings and sketches for CWPs. Developed MTOs to support +/- 10% TIC estimate.

Electrical: Single line diagrams, hazardous location drawing, key plan drawings, lighting / cable tray/ grounding layouts, cable and panel schedules, schematic diagrams for pumps, MOVs, lighting controllers, wiring diagrams, and installation detail / section drawings for CWPs.

I&C: Process control narrative, cause & effect matrix, Instrument index, MRs, datasheets, loop drawings, and instrument location plans for a CWP. LAN / network / control system architecture and fiber optic drawings.

Civil / Structural: Drawings for earthworks, piles and foundations, structural steel, 3D models for piles, concrete foundations, structural steel and three CWPs.

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