Project Overview

A new hydrodesulphurization (HDS) distillate product cooler was scheduled for installation on top of the existing pipe rack structure in a refinery’s crude / vacuum unit. Rally Engineering Inc. (Rally) provided detailed engineering services in support of several project design aspects.

HDS Distillate Product Cooler Replacement main HDS Distillate Product Cooler Replacement first HDS Distillate Product Cooler Replacement second

Structural, Mechanical, Piping

Rally evaluated the existing unit pipe rack structure to ensure that it could adequately support the additional weight of the new cooler.

Rally also designed an elevated walkway to connect the crude/vacuum unit aerial coolers to the HDS unit aerial coolers. This walkway was integrated with the existing bridge that links the pipe rack structure between the operating units.

  • The new cooler was equipped with 2 fans/bay and 25 hp motors (2 bays total).
  • NPS 6 distillate supply and discharge lines were installed to and from the cooler.
  • A new NPS 4 flow control valve station was also constructed.
  • NPS 2 steam and condensate piping were connected to the new unit heaters located inside the cooler housing.

Electrical & Instrumentation

  • New power and instrument cables.
  • Modified the motor control center (MCC) for variable frequency drive (VFD) installation.
  • Installed redundant temperature controls.
  • Installed a new flow controller which interlocks with the distillate stripper level.

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