Project Overview

The Final Extraction Building located in the plant was constructed in 1966 as part of the original base plant. The heating and ventilation system was not reliable in providing the ventilation necessary for a safe and productive work environment in the facility. The excess heat coming from the process equipment raised the ambient temperature of the building above normally accepted safe working conditions associated with normal maintenance activities as dictated by the Client and provincial OH&S regulations.

HVAC and Roof Replacement main

Scoping Study

Rally investigated five options as part of the scoping study, evaluating them based on technical merits and their ability to satisfy the project’s success criteria as defined by the Client. For all options, Rally was responsible for the HVAC design, gas detection, and lifesaving interlocks into the building’s existing control system, electrical power supply, mechanical piping, and civil / structural modifications as necessary.

Cost Estimate

Once a preferred option was selected, Rally prepared all preliminary documentation in support of the option for inclusion into the Scoping Study. This included equipment and instrument lists, roof assessment reports, and electrical load lists and single line diagrams.

A detailed capital cost estimate was prepared comparing three of the options deemed feasible to allow cost comparison of each. The estimate was built up using MTOs provided by the engineering disciplines and a Basis of Estimate was included.

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