Project Overview

A particulate crust was forming on the catalyst bed in the heavy naphtha unifiner (HNU) reactor at a Client’s facility. Nearby heat exchangers were also becoming fouled, leading to reduced unit throughput. The Client decided to install cartridge filters on the HNU feed stream to alleviate these concerns. Rally worked with the Client to finalize and procure the new filters, find a suitable location in the unit to install them, make the appropriate piping tie-ins, and update the related infrastructure.

Install HNU Filters main Install HNU Filters first

Scope Definition

Rally met with the Client’s project team to do a unit walkthrough. They identified potential filter vessel and piping tie-in locations. The team decided to mount the new filters on an abandoned tank foundation to save cost. With the aid of laser scanning, Rally optimized the location of tie-ins to the HNU process, flare, and slops systems.
Piping tie-ins were constructed during the next unit turnaround, while the filters were still being fabricated. After the new filters arrived on site, all of the adjacent piping, structural, electrical, and instrumentation work was done without needing another outage.

Detailed Deliverables

A material requisition (MR) was developed for the new filter vessels, with detailed data sheets, fabrication requirements, and inspection details. Bids were evaluated, a technical bid summary was compiled, and vendor documents were managed with the successful bidder.
MRs were also produced for new relief valves and pressure instruments to protect and monitor the filters.
CWPs were issued for turnaround piping tie-ins, post-turnaround piping and filter installation, steam tracing, concrete, steel, grout, electrical, and instrumentation.
Rally also provided construction support.

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