Project Overview

Several of the high-pressure heat exchangers in the Client’s processing unit were originally constructed with diaphragm seals on the channel closure. This type of seal was prone to leaking, resulting in unplanned unit outages. Rally worked with the Client to re-engineer the closure design for four of the heat exchangers. The diaphragm seals were deleted in favour of a new Kammprofile gasket design, which will perform much more reliably in this service.

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Scope Definition

Rally discussed the unit heat exchangers with the Client to fully understand their previous issues and explore potential alterations. The team decided that converting the closures to a Kammprofile gasket-type design was the best solution.
Intending to re-use the existing channels and bolting, Rally calculated the thickness necessary for the new channel covers to conform to modern design and fabrication codes.
SA-182 Grade F22 Cl.3 material was chosen for the new covers for an ideal balance of strength, cost, and availability. The replacement channel covers feature two layers of weld overlay for corrosion protection, in lieu of the now-obsolete diaphragms.

Detailed Deliverables

A material requisition was developed for four new channel covers and their corresponding Kammprofile gaskets. The MR contained all of the technical specifications for the design, metallurgy, fabrication, and shop inspection of the new equipment.
A CWP was issued with detailed instructions for removing the existing diaphragm-style channel covers and installing the new Kammprofile-style covers during the next unit turnaround.

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