Project Overview

Salt conveyor feeds 80 mtph of ammonium sulphate crystal fines into two silos. Client partially completed new ten (10) foot wide feeder belt, which required a new conveyor belt to transfer product. Conveyor belt system design (approx. 2-feet wide by two hundred (200) feet long) meant to be fully enclosed.

Leach Plant Salt Conveyor main Leach Plant Salt Conveyor first Leach Plant Salt Conveyor second

Scope of Work

Initial scope was to complete structural portion (foundations and steel supports) of the two hundred (200) foot inclined gallery; however, Client also required assistance in mechanical design. As a result, scope was expanded to include mechanical design and specification aspects of the conveyor.

Additional Work Awarded

As the project progressed, Client awarded additional work, including Feed Transfer Chute and Construction Field Support through to completion. The project was challenging as the conveyor needed to fit within tight physical constraints (high feed angle with a modular design concept) and installed within a short plant-turnaround window.

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