Project Overview

The Client required an access road between one of their lift stations and a main road. Rally provided engineering and design services to regrade an existing portion of roadway and construct a brand-new section.

Lift Station Access Road main Lift Station Access Road first

Scope Definition

The scope included detailed engineering of a 5m wide, single-lane, gravel surface access road, approximately 455m in length. The road ran from an existing secondary access road, along an existing construction road alignment, and connected to a lifting station area.
The final design is a combination of re-grading of an existing road alignment and construction of an all-new section of roadway. The new road includes a turn-around in front of the lifting station.

Detailed Deliverables

Rally provided a short form design basis document with a road construction work package (CWP), complete with site plan, road plan profile, and road sections & detailed drawings.
Rally used Civil 3D software to develop a digital terrain model, enabling the calculation of cut and fill quantities and volumes of imported materials for the project. The deliverables also included a review of the surface area water runoff and the necessary hydrology calculations.

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