Project Overview

In June 2012, the existing facility experienced a catastrophic failure of a load cell supporting one of the product storage bins. Operation of the loadout facility was no longer possible due to extensive mechanical and structural damage to the facility. A feasibility / DBM report was prepared to replace the loadout facility outlining the facility’s operational requirements to ensure the forthcoming structural replacement included the necessary considerations for the future development.

Loadout Unit Upgrade (DBM) main Loadout Unit Upgrade (DBM) first Loadout Unit Upgrade (DBM) second

DBM Study

A DBM was prepared with a preliminary design for the future loadout functionality. The following activities were undertaken for he DBM:

  • Increasing the bin size to 55 tonnes each to accommodate new rail cars and trucks.
  • Operations and controls of the system.
  • Rail shunting / indexing options
  • Integration of the new loadout facility into the existing plant.
  • Dust collection
  • Loadout options and technologies
  • Design requirements for highly corrosive environments

A DBM report was prepared outlining the design requirements necessary for the future loadout facility, to enable subsequent replacement of the loadout structure. The DBM report included a Capital Cost Estimate (CAPEX) for the completed loadout structure.

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