Project Overview

The Client required replacement of an existing open cup drain system on a meter bank at their Edmonton Terminal in order to provide protection against potential spill events due to releases from connected pressure safety valves (PSVs). This was accomplished by installing new closed drain collection lines below each meter run and a new closed drain system header connecting to the underground drain system.

Meter Bank Drain System Replacement main Meter Bank Drain System Replacement first Meter Bank Drain System Replacement second

3D Laser Scanning

The new closed drain system replaced the existing open drain collection system and header. In order to more efficiently design the replacement system to utilize existing supports, as well as to ensure construction fit-up and minimize field welding and shutdown duration, Rally used 3D laser scanning technology to model the existing system and to then design the replacement system.

Scope of Work

The project included demolition and construction of five (5) NPS 3 collection lines, one (1) NPS 4 drain system header, and tie in of thirty (30) PSV discharge lines and equipment drains.
Rally prepared a drawing package for the client which included piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs), a composite bill of materials (BOM), a tie-point list, seven (7) piping plans, section and detail drawings, and 31 piping isometric drawings.

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