Project Overview

The Client’s naphtha export pump is a single mechanical seal centrifugal pump that has been in continuous service for approximately 45 years. This pump exports naphtha and diluent from the tanks to 3rd party pipelines. These exports are hydraulically limited to 15 kbbl/day. Diluent export demand was expected to exceed 15 kbbl/day at the end of 2015.

Naphtha Export Pump Replacement main Naphtha Export Pump Replacement first Naphtha Export Pump Replacement second

Seal-less Pump

The project’s mandate was to install a pump that addressed the safety / reliability risk associated with seal failure and to increase capacity. A canned motor (seal-less) pump was selected to eliminate the concern over seal leaks.


The new pump was installed on an existing, out of service pump foundation to minimize production outage time. Existing electrical and instrumentation cabling was leveraged to minimize TIC. The piping modifications, electrical and instrumentation terminations, and commissioning all took place in a 6-day outage. The canned pump was purchased with a warehouse spare. In the unlikely event of pump breakdown, the sealed pump and motor unit can be changed out in one (1) eight-hour shift.

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