Project Overview

The Client’s original naphtha export pump was a single-seal centrifugal pump that had been in service for approximately 45 years. The pump shipped naphtha and diluent from tankage to customers at approximately 15,000 BPD. Criticality assessments revealed that the pump was undersized for the Client’s desired flow rate, and the single mechanical seal was vulnerable to a high-consequence failure. Rally was asked to provide multi-discipline engineering and design services to replace the pump with a new, larger, more technically advanced pump.

Naphtha Export Pump Replacement main Naphtha Export Pump Replacement first Naphtha Export Pump Replacement second

Scope Definition

Rally worked with the Client to refine the project mandate. The goal was to install a new pump that would mitigate the safety & reliability risks associated with a single seal failure, while also increasing capacity to 23,000 BPD. The project team elected to purchase an API 685 seal-less (canned motor) pump, using engineering design to eliminate the possibility of seal failure. The team also repurposed an abandoned pump foundation, saving the project money and allowing the new pump to be installed off-line.

Detailed Deliverables

Rally produced the material requisition (MR) for two new seal-less pumps – one for installation, and one for a warehouse spare. In the unlikely event of a pump breakdown, the unitized pump and motor assembly can be changed out in one 8-hour shift.
Rally also procured new instrumentation including a flow meter, a flow control valve, pressure safety valves, motor operated valves, and various gauges and transmitters.
A mechanical construction work package (CWP) described the pump demolition, pump installation, and piping modification work. Electrical and instrumentation CWPs leveraged existing cables wherever possible to minimize TIC.
The piping tie-ins, electrical and instrumentation terminations, and new pump commissioning all took place in a 6 day outage.

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