Project Overview

Rental hot bitumen chiller equipment was originally installed using diesel generators, which had a high operating cost. A subsequent project replaced the diesel generators with power from a nearby temporary overhead 25kV powerline. The scope of this project consisted of switching the temporary 25kV power system to a permanent 35kV power system to power the chiller equipment.
Rally supported this project from initial scoping study phase, FEED and into detailed engineering, supporting procurement and construction.

Permanent Chiller - Electrical Scope main

Scope of Work

The scope included the installation of a new modular E-House to support the existing chiller equipment. The power came from the existing HBT Substation where two new 38kV GIS switchgear breaker cells were installed and powered two new 630A, 38kV vacuum fault interrupter (VFI) switchgear units, which in turn power four new 2.5/3.33 MVA, 35kV-480V step-down transformers c/w 5A NGRs.
The new E-House consisted of four lineups of 4000A, 480V arc resistant switchgear in two separate Main-Tie-Main configurations to provide secondary selective power to the chillers, as well as powering the glycol pumps and ancillary loads via a new 480V MCC. The instrumentation and control system equipment in the E-House was installed to automate and monitor the new electrical system. Two existing fiber optic cables were re-purposed to provide communications between the HBT Substation and Chiller E-House.
Rally provided support for procurement of the engineered equipment and bulk materials, which included vendor drawing review and management.
Additional activities included a power system study using ETAP, including load flow, short circuit, harmonic analysis, motor starting, protection and coordination, and arc flash hazard evaluation per IEEE 1584-2002. Also included grounding study for the new chiller substation using ETAP finite element analysis to evaluate ground potential rise and step and touch potential.

Key Elements of Support

  • Completed five CWPs.
  • Procurement Support for purchase of E-House, GIS Switchgear, Transformers, VFI Switchgear, Automation Cabinets and Panels, and cables.
  • Home Office Construction Support – Provided Construction RFI support.
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