Project Overview

Rally provided multi-discipline engineering support to an existing gas facility located in Sarnia, Ontario. To date, Rally has completed equipment evaluations as well as engineering studies to address various operating challenges within the plant. These studies typically include recommendations and an estimate of the capital cost necessary to implement the solution.

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Multiple Projects

Flare Skid
Rally completed detailed engineering, construction support and commissioning support for the installation of a new site flare knock out skid.

Compressor Station Glycol Dehydration Facility Process Review
Rally completed a process study of the existing glycol dehydration facility and determined the maximum capacity of the facility and highlight system bottlenecks to achieve maximum capacity and define corrective actions.

Convey Gas Distribution & Waste Tank Valve Replacement
Rally completed a process review and calculations for a throttling valve replacement.

Gas Distribution PDF Creation
Rally completed conversion of site P&IDs and generated related site PFDs.

Blowdown Evaluation
Rally prepared a process study to evaluate and ensure the primary station blowdown silencer, and associated header piping, is adequately sized to safely and efficiently vent station piping when required.

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