Project Overview

The project consisted of installation of new piping, cable, cable tray, structural pipe racks, concrete vaults and underground pipe rail crossing to support the Refinery Expansion Project. Project also included piping layout and tie-ins for a new Waste Water Treatment Plant.

Pipe Racks, Piping, Underground Rail Crossing main Pipe Racks, Piping, Underground Rail Crossing first Pipe Racks, Piping, Underground Rail Crossing second

Pipe Rack Scope of Work

Rally’s scope of work consisted of the structural design of a two-tier; 20ft wide x 1300ft long elevated structural steel pipe rack. Rally’s design work also included all the associated process/utility piping and electrical/instrumentation cabling including concrete enclosed vaults and a 200ft underground rail crossing with valve isolation stations.
Rally was also required to verify pipe sizing through preparation of simulation and hydraulic calculations.
Work also included all piping and tie-ins for Waste Water Treatment Plant (16,400 man hours).

Rail Crossing and Concrete Vault

The concrete vaults were designed to accommodate eighteen (18) pipes, in four (4) 42 inch casings, bored in place under the main rail crossing. In addition, two (2) 42 inch casings were installed to carry cable and cable trays. The vaults were designed by Rally with fully enclosed and ventilated safety compartments, hazard sensors and alarms to separate electrical, process and utility piping. The design considered the hazards associated with potential leakage from corrosion of the piping system and storm water flooding. Because the casings were installed above frost line, and up to five (5) lines were installed in one (1) casing, using customized, multi-pipe spacers, our design included electric heat tracing, insulation and stress engineering to determine the loading for the multi-pipe spacers.

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