Project Overview

Rally Engineering Inc. (Rally) had been requested to add and/or modify piping and pipe supports for the 1500# and 600# steam lines near a flanged valve to minimize the stress on the piping system.

Pipe Stress Analysis main Pipe Stress Analysis first Pipe Stress Analysis second

Scope of Work

The excessive strain around the flange caused concrete and structural support damage, and leakage from the nearby flange. The Client decided to complete the design basis memorandum (DBM) ahead of detailed engineering. Due to the complexity of the location, constrained area, and structural repairs anticipated, this phased approach allowed the Client to review potential options and impacts.


Completed a stress analysis of existing piping system.

  • Worked with structural to identify and propose 1-3 options (i.e. modifications to existing supports or piping) to minimize piping stresses & strains.
  • Develop report.
  • High level constructability review.
  • Stress analysis.
  • Study report with 1-3 options.

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