Project Overview

Rally provided multi-discipline engineering support to an existing pipelines company with assets across Ontario. To date, Rally has completed several detailed engineering projects to upgrade / maintain facility assets as specified by the Client. Rally was also involved in maintenance of the record drawings for the company.

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Terminal PCV Replacements

Rally prepared an engineering work package (EWP) to replace an existing process control valve (PCV) at several of the Client’s existing terminal sites. This included specification of a new valve and actuator to meet existing process conditions. The new actuator required new programmable logic controller (PLC) infrastructure, wiring, and power details. The existing pipeline also needed modification to suit the new valve.

Multiple Scopes of Work

Bypass Piping: Rally prepared an engineering work package (EWP) for the replacement of a length of station bypass piping at one of the existing terminal sites.

Line Relocation: Rally prepared an engineering work package (EWP) for the installation of a new 4” pressure transmitter riser at one of the existing terminal sites.

As-Builts for Upgrade: Developed redline as-built from site inspection and completed the CAD as-builts for a project that included a human-machine interface (HMI) installation.

Terminal 8 Injection Valve Replacement: Rally prepared IFC drawings for a CWP for the replacement and relocation of two (2) injection valves on an existing pipeline.

Line Piping Stress: Rally completed a mechanical / piping system stress analysis to ensure the modifications being requested by the Owner’s Maintenance and Operations groups.

Switchrack Replacement: Rally provided detailed engineering services for the replacement of an existing switchrack system.

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