Project Overview

A pipe rack of approximately 400 ft in length was inspected and found to have structural deficiencies ranging from corrosion, frost heaving/jacking of foundations to its construction not conforming to industry best practices for pipe racks. This pipe rack carries critical utilities to the plant units, including volatile commodities like: high pressure steam, sulphuric acid, hydrogen sulphide, HP hydrogen, natural gas, ammonia, and high voltage cables. Piperack repair / replacement scope was to be constructed with no interruption to operations.

Piperack Replacement main Piperack Replacement first Piperack Replacement second

Planning and Scope Development

Rally worked with the Client to develop the Design Basis Memorandum (DBM) to further define the scope for this project. The piperack was divided up into 6 (six) sections, each with a different repair approach. Some sections were reinforced and repaired, while others were complete structural replacements. Stress analysis was conducted on the piping and repairs to the existing support system were conducted. Key project scope items included piperack design, new pipe bridge rail crossing, modifications to existing steel structures, and relocation of existing facilities.


The new pipe bridge that spanned existing rail tracks was completely new and engineered to be installed around the existing bridge, without a service interruption to piping or electrical. Once the new rack was taking the load, the existing rack was demolished.
Other items addressed were existing piles were heaving and jacking, pipe shoes and some spring hanger hardware was added to the existing system to replace existing failed supports. All work was executed while the plant was live.

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