Project Overview

The refinery identified that their ability to ship or sell propane by transport truck was bottlenecked by antiquated loading equipment. Rally embarked on a project to develop a concept, and then perform detailed engineering, for a new propane truck loading system. New infrastructure included twin modular truck loading racks, modern custody-transfer metering, three propane pumps, an electrical transformer, piping, structural steel racks, and equipment foundations. Rally also designed and procured a new mercaptan metering and injection system, plus a fully-equipped operator’s shelter featuring state-of-the-art truck loading interfaces.

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Scope of Work

Several options for loading propane onto transport trucks were considered during the concept development phase. The Client opted for a modular two-arm design that would simultaneously fill both trailers of a B-train transfer truck in less than 45 minutes.

In the detailed design phase, Rally engineered the brownfield infrastructure required to quickly load and sell propane in accordance with Measurement Canada and client standards.

Modularization of the new truck loading systems, mercaptan injection system, and TAS shelter maximized off-site work and minimized disruptions to nearby truck loading facilities.


CWPs were delivered for piping, pump installation, earthworks, concrete & piling, grouting, structural steel, electrical, and instrumentation work.

MRs were issued for sliding vane propane pumps, bottom-pivoting loading arms, piping specialty items, truck loading modules, electrical transformer, various instruments, a mercaptan metering and injection system, and a multi-discipline TAS shelter featuring a TMS, TAS cabinets, and HMI.

Rally also managed 3rd-party inspection activities at the major equipment suppliers on the client’s behalf.

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