Project Overview

The Client needed to make changes to their product shipping terminal to debottleneck the loading of premium diesel fuel onto railcars and trucks. Rally provided the engineering and design services required to upgrade the existing piping, civil / structural, and electrical infrastructure to accomplish this goal.

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Scope of Work

After delivering a scoping study, the Client directed Rally to proceed directly to detailed engineering for certain aspects of the work. A new 10” premium diesel fuel header was constructed from the existing filter to the rail loading facility. New structural steel, including a new bridge over the existing rail spurs, was required to support the piping.
An electrical load study, also performed by Rally, indicated that upgrades were necessary to the existing electrical distribution system. Rally engineered the purchase requirements for a new transformer and an associated switchboard.


Completed detailed construction work packages (CWPs) for:

  • New diesel fuel piping to the rail loading facility.
  • New piles, structural steel, and grout to support new piping.
  • Upgrades to the existing electrical system, including the installation of a new transformer and switchboard, upgraded ground grids, and new cable trays.
  • Piles, pre-cast and cast-in-place concrete, and cable sleeves and containment berms to support the new electrical infrastructure.

Rally also provided contractor RFI support for all CWPs.

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