Project Overview

To assess structural integrity of several buildings on site. This study provided a level of integrity with the storage buildings that had not had recent inspections.

Rock Storage Building Structural Assessment main Rock Storage Building Structural Assessment first Rock Storage Building Structural Assessment second

Scope of Work

In conjunction with inspecting multiple buildings, Rally was requested to assess the conveyor galleries for structural integrity as well. The Client requested the review in two (2) phases.
1. Phase 1, Preliminary Assessment: Completed a preliminary assessment (risk ranked) for immediate concerns with respect to the structural integrity and access / egress limitations of the building, platforms, and walkways.
2. Phase 2, Detailed Assessment: Completed an assessment of the structural findings, including detailed structural analysis recommendations, and a compliance review for access / egress requirements with industry best practice.


  • Performed visual inspections for structural items, taking photographs as required.
  • Performed a preliminary structural assessment for the items found.
  • Reviewed the access / egress layouts for the buildings.
  • Reviewed the inspection findings and apply risk assessment.
  • Prepared and issued a preliminary inspection report for Client’s review.
  • Issued a final Phase I (preliminary) inspection report.

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