Project Overview

The client had two (2) 1,500lb steam superheaters with no easy access to the shell side of the exchangers. Access is required to conduct refractory and tube bundle inspection and repairs. The objective of the project was to design and install an inspection service manway on the shell of each steam superheaters.

Steam Superheater Manway Assessment main Steam Superheater Manway Assessment first

Scope of Work

Rally Engineering Inc. (Rally) was requested to complete the design of manways for entering vessels. This design would include detailed engineering calculations and general arrangement drawings. In addition, a capital cost estimate was produced to support the planning and approval for the work.

Originally, client was requesting to enter the vessels through the piping. However, Rally determined this was not feasible and a more cost-effective way was to add manways to each vessel. To complicate this design further, the vessels have over 12” of refractory. Rally designed the nozzle and hydrotest in such a way that the inside of the vessel did not need to be wetted.


Prior to project commencement, Rally completed a preliminary assessment on installing the manways on the vessels. Rally mechanical completed the nozzle design calculations, code and standards review, and ABSA submittal requirements.

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