Project Overview

A Client identified multiple work orders that required engineering support to ensure successful implementation during an upcoming plant turnaround. Building on our portfolio of ongoing shutdown support projects, the Client asked Rally to provide engineering and design services for the work orders.

TAS Maintenance Work Orders main TAS Maintenance Work Orders first TAS Maintenance Work Orders second

Scope Definition

Rally studied 18 work order requests to explore the overall scope of each work item. Drawings and other data were located. Site walk-throughs were conducted with plant engineers and operators to ensure that the issues were fully understood and properly defined.
Rally proposed a high-level execution strategy for each work order to the client’s project management group. Scopes were finalized, and budgetary estimates were developed. This information allowed the client to make informed decisions on how to proceed.

Project Delivery

A range of engineering mini-packages were produced, tailored to the client’s turnaround work processes. Packages were issued to replace critical vent and drain valves, add check valves to compressor systems, and replace corroded piping and damaged instruments. Interconnecting pump suction piping was partially rebuilt and re-rated to a higher design pressure to address plant safety concerns.
Multi-discipline deliverables included P&IDs, hydraulic studies, authenticated piping drawings, piping stress calculations, 3D model development, and structural & foundation reviews. Rally added value by designing custom pipe supports and helping the client to demo / reuse tags in their junction box drawings.

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