Project Overview

This client had multiple work orders (WOs) that needed a degree of engineering in order to be executed during the Turnaround. As part of our ongoing portfolio turnaround support, the Client asked Rally Engineering Inc. (Rally) to engineer the work orders.

TAS Maintenance Work Orders main TAS Maintenance Work Orders first TAS Maintenance Work Orders second

Scope of Work

Rally had been requested to vet 18 work orders to determine the overall scope as well as to provide a budgetary estimate for completion. Rally had reviewed the WOs at a high level with the client engineering. This information, coupled with our experience in completing this exact type of work for the client previously, had been used to determine the budgetary estimate. Rally provided a budgetary number of hours to complete this effort.


Completed hydraulic calculations and process datasheet information. Authenticated piping and instrumentation diagrams to complete the scope of work. Completed mechanical/ piping/ stress calculations. Model development. Structural and foundation reviews. Development and authentication of non-standard pipe supports. Validation of instrumentation for new / rerated services. Supported demo/ reuse of tags in junction box drawings.

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