Project Overview

A refinery wanted to replace a decommissioned 25,000 barrel storage tank with a new 50,000 barrel swing tank. The new tank needed to store one of three different products – gas oil, distillate, or straight-run diesel – depending on operational requirements. Rally provided multi-discipline engineering services to first define the basic project parameters (FEED phase), then produced all of the detailed procurement and construction deliverables.
The brownfield design challenges of this project included providing spill containment for double the original tank volume, working around critical live piping in the tank area, and engineering the new tank for use as a swing tank.

Tank 201 Replacement main Tank 201 Replacement first Tank 201 Replacement second

Scope of Work

The project was executed in phases. The original 25,000 barrel tank was demolished and hauled away. Live piping adjacent to the original tank was relocated to a new inter-connected valve station outside of the tank berm.

A new 50,000-barrel API 650 cone roof tank was constructed atop a new clay liner and granular tank pad foundation. Piping, electrical, and instrument connections were made to the new tank. The surrounding berms were upgraded for spill containment and vehicular access, and the finished surface of the tank cell was regraded towards a new drainage sump.


Construction work packages (CWPs) were delivered for tank demolition, new tank completions, three phases of piping construction, earthworks, concrete / piling, grouting, structural steel, electrical, and instrumentation work. Rally provided construction support for all CWPs.

Material requisitions (MRs) were delivered to enable the purchase of the new API 650 tank, stairs, and rooftop platform; miscellaneous piping specialty items; tank cathodic protection system; tank level, temperature, and pressure instruments; control valves; and pressure-relief valves.

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