Project Overview

This project was to modify the spring cans arrangement for the transfer line between the primary reformer and secondary reformer. Structural modifications would be needed to allow for a different spring can arrangement.

Transfer Line Stress Analysis main Transfer Line Stress Analysis first Transfer Line Stress Analysis second

Scope of Work

The objective of this project was to complete a stress analysis on the piping system, resize the spring-can supports and modify the support style and bridge structures that hold it. The stress in the piping system could not be reduced to a satisfactory level using the existing infrastructure. The project was expanded to include the design of 5 new support structures and the review of loading (potential modification) on the structure for the vertical support.


The proposed solution by the client was to replace the existing 2 spring can setup with only 1 spring can at each location aligned with the centerline of the pipe. Rally delivered a solution of using constant effort supports for the three on the bottom and a triple spring on one side.

Additional scope included: reviewing geo-technical information and underground drawings. Assessment/potential modification of the existing vertical support, new drawings for 5 new support structures.

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