Project Overview

In 2016, wildfires affected the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo and Fort McMurray. Significant damage was sustained to the region and the affected areas were evacuated. It was known that the fires did impact some pipeline facilities. The Client requested that Rally inspect and assess two pipelines in a number of locations that may have been affected by the fires. Rally inspected the Oil Sands Pipeline (OSPL) which transports diluted bitumen, and the Albersun Pipeline (APL) which carries natural gas. The team’s primary scope was to inspect and assess the pressure integrity components; however, the team also made general observations on other items such as instrumentation, electrical cabling and equipment, and structures.

Utility Pipeline Fire Damage Assessment main

Damage Assessment

Rally was asked to provide damage assessments using the API 579-1 fitness-for-service methodology. Rally developed API 579 Level 1 Fire Damage Assessment check sheets, for use in the field when performing inspections. Additionally, the field team utilized cameras to take pictures and videos documenting the findings to support and complement the analysis performed at each location.


Location assessment reports were completed for each site inspected. Each report documented the observations noted from field notes and from review of the pictures and videos. The report also indicated recommended actions, when applicable, for follow up and/or repair. Additionally, each location assessment report and documentation was sent to a certified API-579 inspector. This was to provide independent verification of the completed assessments.

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