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Project Completion Teams

Our team has extensive experience with major capital projects (start-ups) and construction completion. With proven personnel, procedures, and tools, we prioritize and liquidate deficiencies to complete last-minute changes during the commissioning and start-up phase of major projects. Key members of our PIT (Project Implementation Team) have worked together to complete numerous major facility start-ups over the past 25-years and recently completed a major extraction project.

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Compliance Engineering

We confirm technical data to ensure operations are complete and consistent with regulatory and internal standards and have mobilized teams of engineers / document management specialists to complete data gathering, due diligence review, and reporting. We have established workflows (data mining, calculation verification, checking, progress measurement, reporting) and welcome inquiries regarding specific needs.

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Fitness for Service Assessments

We mobilize a senior team to complete API 579 fitness for service assessments (field assessments, analysis, and reporting) to provide timely guidance on whether system components may be returned to service, require refurbishment, or must be replaced. Our team is accustomed to the urgency surrounding unplanned outages, successfully integrating into the Client’s emergency response team, to meet challenges; we were pleased to respond to an urgent request during the 2016 Fort McMurray wildfires.

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Aging Infrastructure Programs

We have extensive experience in assessment, evaluation and repair of issues arising from aging infrastructure and provide a managed approach, feeding into the Client’s reliability engineering and project approval process. Where possible, the design is developed to allow repairs to be completed on-line, with minimal outage time and limited production interruptions. Services include inspections, feasibility studies and detailed engineering for age-related structural / foundation issues; buried pipelines; antiquated / obsolete electrical and controls equipment.

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Construction Management

Operability, maintainability, and constructability are key elements of a successful design; our RFO team has facilitated the smooth hand-over of completed facilities, to the Operations Group, on more than fifty (50) projects over the past 24-months. We offer experienced construction management and ready-for-operations (RFO) resources to provide our Clients: constructability reviews early in the project; support design decisions (i.e. are the designs practical, constructible, maintainable, and operable); schedule & cost reviews (i.e. are field-proven construction planning methodologies adopted); participation in the procurement and contracting strategy for a smooth transition to the field; and continuous engagement and reporting with stakeholders.

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Operations, Maintenance, and Engineering Support

Our project services personnel and multi-discipline engineering resources have extensive experience planning, engineering, and executing industrial projects within operating plants. Our teams can be mobilized quickly for unexpected shutdowns and planned turnarounds / longer-term assignments supporting client operations, maintenance and engineering groups.

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Process Safety Information (PSI)

The foundation of a successful Project Safety Management (PSM) program is gathering and preparing information and documents for developing the key elements required for safely operating a plant or process unit: hazard analysis/assessments, management of change, operating procedures, and operator training.

Our PSI specialists bring a wealth of design and operations experience across a broad range of industries/ processes and can assist with compilation of accurate / current information to enable effective management of hazards.

Whether planning for expansion, redesigning an existing facility, or engineering a new facility, our team has the experience to develop critical process safety information necessary for successful projects. Information compiled during a PSI defines the basis for safe operations and related activities, while providing the management team with documentation to make real-time, critical decisions for the operating environment. Comprehensive PSI documentation offers the following:

  • Information to mitigate effects of critical personnel turnover.
  • Best possible information for Process Operator safety training.
  • Current, accurate information on critical instrumentation and controls.
  • Basis for future expansions / de-bottlenecking projects – reduce costs and maximize profits.
  • Demonstrated use of reliable engineering practices in design, operation, and facility maintenance.
  • Confidentially determine fire and explosion risks, safety / health hazards, inadvertent mixing hazards.
  • Relevant information on process equipment ensuring compliance to established codes and standards.